September 1, 2019

Intelligent Network Security

For years, simple layers of security were adequate for protecting SMBs against most unsophisticated threats. This began to change in 2016, when malicious computer users began to realize small businesses could be as lucrative as corporations with fortified security protecting their technology. Consequently, most small and medium sized businesses are not prepared to detect the skilled techniques hackers use to slip past their preventive security. Left unchecked, SMBs risk their lively hood protecting their most valuable asset with out dated security practices

In 2018 Verizon data breach experts stated that 58% of all data breaches were against small to medium sized businesses. In 2017 Panda Security reported that antivirus was only 30%-50% effective. Then there is the well know security breach at Target where 110 million credit card accounts were stolen. That breach originated at a small business working with Target. The hackers compromised the weak security of the small business doing HVAC work for Target. Once in they were able to move laterally into Targets network accessing their credit card transactions.

Most small businesses are not prepared to detect the advanced techniques which inevitably slip past their security measures. Once in the intruders can do whatever they want without detecting by traditional anti-malware.

Until recently small businesses could not afford the resources required to protect them selves against these kinds of threat. Today AI (Artificial Intelligence) in computing has made it possible to deploy agents that monitor your network in real time. The Agents use behavioral analysis and track all user and machine activity and the process that they are connected to. When malicious activities are detected, the agent responds automatically at machine speed. The AI Agent also contacts the security team and a real person begins monitoring the process with the AI Agent. This process can stop threats dead in their tracks. There is also builtin processes for Isolation and cleansing of the computer system and can even restore a system to its clean state (before the malicious activity started).

By leveraging our multi-engine AI based security solution we provide any size company with proactive protection from:

  • Software vulnerabilities

  • Malicious Software

  • Trojans

  • Malware

  • Worms

  • Backdoors

  • Payload-based attacks

  • Credentials scraping

  • Tokens

  • Plug-ins

  • Frame/HTML5

  • Drive-by downloads

  • Flash

  • Java

  • VBS

  • Memory-only malware

  • No-disk-based indicators

  • Active breaches

  • Exploits rooted in Office documents

  • Adobe files

  • Macros

  • Phishing emails

  • Mimikatz

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