September 4, 2015

VOIP For Business

Save Big When You Switch your phone system to VOIP

Smart business owners are taking advantage of the latest VOIP technology through Network Performance to save every month on their phone services. leveraging the latest in internet technologies small and medium sized business are now able to save hundreds of dollars every month by migrating in an in house VOIP solution by Network Performance. VOIP technology enables phone calls to be made through your existing Internet internet connection at greatly reduced rates over traditional PRI telephone lines.

“Before we installed an voip system from Network Performance we were paying over $1200 per month for our phone service. Network Performance was able to reduce our phone bill to under $300 per month and that includes our internet”

“Not only are we saving over $500 every month on our monthly phone service we now have up to date features like: voicemail to email, Caller ID, and desktop / mobile companion apps for our phone system”


VOIP Set-Up for Business Set-up –Three Phases

The full transition from traditional phone service to VOIP takes about 6 weeks to complete. Throughout the process, you can trust Network Performance to take care of all the details necessary to ensure a smooth transition.

Initial set-up and site survey: Our VOIP phone system setup starts with an on-site survey and analysis. Once your site and Internet have been approved to support VOIP, we will come in and install your phone system, phones and assign a temporary number.

Testing: Network Performance takes care of all testing to ensure you’re left with a fully functional system. This is done with your temporary number to ensure no interruption in your services to customers. Once things are in working order, we’ll forward your old phone number to your temporary phone numbers so that you can begin using the new system full time.

Final Transition: At this point, we begin moving your phone number(s) over to the new phone system. At this time we will also remove all your old phone equipment and wait for the porting process to complete.


Find out How much you can save with a free voip analysis

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Why VOIP with Network Performance?

Network Performance has been consulting small to mid-size businesses since 1998. We understand that downtime can affect your business and pride ourselves on providing solutions that are hard against failure and optimized for performance. We are one of the only solution providers out there with VOIP phone systems built on the 99.9% uptime support model—delivering reliability you can trust!

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